Logic pro x recording to external hard drive free.Should I Record To An External Hard Drive?

- Logic pro x recording to external hard drive free



- Logic pro x recording to external hard drive free


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Logic pro x recording to external hard drive free.External hard drive for Logic Pro X? |

I don't really use much of it but in older projects where I may have done, I'd like to make sure the sounds still load I have it all on a disk so could I just drop it onto the media window like I could in older versions? Hey guys, I've been trying to get this to work for the Apple Loops in the Audio file. Do you know if there is a way I can get this to work? Hey Guys, Im Wondering if there is anyway to have your Logic Content on 2 separate drives , so if ones not plugged in, and the other one is Logic would still open without any installations..

Anyone have any ideas???? This Is Driving Me BONKERS!!!!!!! I just found this on the Apple Support Communities Forum, haven't tried it yet myself as I'm still in the middle of downloading all my Logic content but hopefully it will work. A look in the various folders will reveal folder called " com. MusicApps ".

Inside, there's a folder called " audiocontentdownload. com ". The downloaded content packages are temporarily stored here. Once downloading of a package is complete, Logic Pro X will prompt for your Admin password before completing the installation process. Before entering the password, copy the content installer packages to another location. The installation can then be carried out and the original packages will be automatically deleted by the install process.

If anyone finds this helpful please let me know Many thanks Noodlez. I had trouble with the symlinker app. It's much better to create symbolic links from the command line. A symbolic Link is like an "alias" or a "shortcut" except that it works at a deeper level in the OS, so it totally fools applications into thinking it's a folder. You do this by creating symbolic links that redirect any read or write by apps to more spacious locations on what we'll call your target drive.

Logic will thus go to your target drive to use loops etc, and when it downloads loops etc from Apple it will store them there. A symbolic link can make your target drive look like part of your boot drive. So let's look at how we make this location on BIG replace the one on the overly crowded boot drive.

After copying them to your target drive, rename the original folders on the boot drive to GarageBand. NOT and Logic. This is temporary. That way if something goes wrong you can delete any symlinks and name the folder back by removing the. NOT at the end of the name, and it will be like before. Ok so far? Later we'll delete these extras. Then the symlinks will be built on the boot drive using these two command lines you will be asked your password.

Note that the syntax lists the "target" of the symlink followed by its location, i. the "source". They look like folders with a little arrow, and if you navigate through them with the finder you will land in the content on the BIG drive. Very cool. So far so good? Once you set up the symbolic links, additional downloads will go to the target drive automatically.

You can pick when to set up the symlinks, and when to delete the files off the boot drive. I hope this helps. It works just fine. If it makes no sense, either I am being unclear, and please tell me, or you need to read up on Unix file concepts a little before you try it.

I agree that Apple really should make installations more flexible. The reason they don't is because it's much more work to write programs that don't fall apart if data locations change, and because they assume most mac users are not very technical. So they should just spend more money on bigger drives and stuff ;-. Last edited by Fernand; 1st August at AM.. I have a quick question as I am trying to set all this up.

Should I have my virtual instruments and samples on two seperate drives or is it better to keep the samples with the instruments. I am trying to find the best way to utilize my cpu in Logic Pro X as it keeps overloading. I am about to delete everything off my iMac and start fresh and will be using FireWire external drives. What are these impulse responses I keeping hearing about.

Last edited by myles; 20th May at PM.. Reason: More questions. Since I've been asked this question numerous of times I wrote a little post about it with some background on why you want to take this route.

How to move Logic's additional content to a secondary drive - Logic Pro Music. bump for an answer on this Quote:. Hi Eric - Thanks for the very clear instructions on your blog, they're really helpful. I'm still having problems, due, I'm sure, to an error on my part, but I don't know enough about what I'm doing to figure it out.

I followed your step-by-step to create the symlink, which shows up in the top level of my Home directory, not in Application Support. If I move the symlink to the Application Support folder, and double-click on the symlink, it gives this message: "The operation can't be completed because the original item for "Logic" can't be found. Any thoughts? If I press enter, I get a "permission denied" message. If I delete the space, I get the symlink as described above, in the top level of my home folder, and it doesn't work.

EDIT 2: I get the "permission denied" message using the SymLinker app as well. Does this have to do with System Integrity restrictions in Yosemite? You need to use the sudo command to give you root access to write to them.. Symlinks don't work in OS X's GUI like they do from the command line.

You can't copy them around without properly setting permissions for them. The subsystem might be Unix based, so you would think it would be that easy, but there is a lot of Apple on top of it that keeps people that don't know what they're doing from screwing things up which you can do very easily from the terminal.

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Please help! More Less. Reply I have this question too 71 I have this question too Me too 71 Me too. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Jul 13, AM in response to CinnaAgent11 In response to CinnaAgent11 I wouldn't recommend moving the Logic Pro X app itself from the system drive. View answer in context. Loading page content.

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